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Comercial Expertise

We are experts in site monetisation and have been monetising traffic for premium publishers and brands since 2007. Red Charger has provided digital commercial consultation services to some of the worlds largest online publishers and brands including; TimeInc, Bauer, Hearst, Disney and British Airways training over 400 of their online commercial employees. If you are looking to grow your revenues without compromising your content or user experience then we would love to help. Your traffic will be in safe hands with us. 

We specialise in;

  • Video
  • Search Ads
  • Display
  • Native
  • Shopping feeds 
  • Header Bidding
  • Premium

Still Not Convinced?

We benefit from a huge network of senior global contacts from major technology and platform providers. We have negotiated the best possible revenue shares for you to benefit from with the best demand sources.

We attend all major industry show and conferences to ensure we are constantly evolving our commercial knowledge at the same pace as the industry.

We provide complete transparency and granular reporting and are a team of professional, friendly, proactive and driven business development professionals dedicated to growing your revenues on your behalf. We also provide dedicated ad ops specialists available to talk to by phone, IM or email.


Outstream Video

We have partnered with Avantis Video to offer our publishers the opportunity to run their Slider and In Content video formats.  Some of  our publishers are experiencing fill rates of up to 80% on fixed cpm’s to $5 on desktop and $2 for Mobile. We have demand for all Tier 1, Tier 2 and some rest of the world geos. We have negotiated payment terms for our publishers of Net 40. 

Publishers already benefitting from our partnership include:

Abqjournal | Laacibet | Arcamax | Comicsverse | Ooyyo | Warqaad | Eplfootballmatch

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Meet The Senior Team

Craig Stapley


Rich Winhammar


Iain Hartup

Head of Publishing

Rob Stalker

Head of Ad Ops